Friday, June 17, 2011


The next step in all this shit is to cut out the backing board and mount the surface image. I use a 1/4" binder's board called davey board as a mounting surface cause it's wicked dense and works well with glues. The downside of this stuff it's so dense that you have to go all Hulk on it when you cut out the shape.... soooo my wrist and fingers have been killing me from all the curves.

Here's the boards cut out (along with the surface image). Takes about 5 hours to cut out that ish. You can see now that the boards are in two pieces to add a physical depth to the image.

I like my gluestick as I like my purple stuff.... purple. That's cause I'm gluing such a large surface area that it's easy for certain areas to dry out before you've hit the entire surface. The purple stick dries clear so you can see if you have dry areas with a quick glance. I use gluestick to mount btw cause it's low moisture (to prevent curling), it's repositionable while wet, and easy to clean up (important for an apt kitchen/studio).

Soopah doopah diy weighting mechanism. (effin genious amirite?)

Forget that purple stuff! I use that Elmers for the stronger bond when going board v. board.

Oh. Baby. Time. To. Paint.

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