Friday, August 19, 2011


Makin a piñnata for my friend's birthday. It says HATE. Cause what a better thing to smash but hate? (intresting aside, why do people want to beat up dora the explora? She's a fine young lady. Not deserved of ritual beating.) Here we go:

I switched around the letters a bit, making the H and E italicized for structural integrity. using the noodle.

Yeah, the original sketches were all regular, but sometimes you need to mock it up fo reals before you see that shit.

Traced out and cutting out, double decker style. Advanced cutting technique with Le Creuset weight. Wait for iiiitttt.....

Double your hate bitches.

Let's connect that shit. The paper tape adds structure but can be destroyed by a broom stick, baseball bat, or another object beginning with B

PAPER TAPE. baller ass redundancy. But gotta fill that last floating space tween the T and E. amirite?

See all that maths stuff? Yeah. 3-D Geometry bitches. Pythagorus and shit. Imax 3-D. Don't forget that paper tape, dawg1!

hey, chalee. that's what i'm talkin about.

WTF is this crazy shit? Serpentine ass mother fucker don't make no sense like a piggy bank.

oh wait.

what's this?

Sha-pow! Like a man and a lady part tagetha.

See, this is the result of hard work and persistance. Structural integrity. Balla ass red zip tie.


If you're your gonna be all "The Fringe" and have some floating text you best break out the fringe, yo! amirite?

But that's all I can do for now cause I don't have any white tissue paper. I'm not a millionaire you know. I'm not made of tissue paypa. I'm not MISTA MONEY BAGS. get the fuck outa hee.

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