Thursday, August 4, 2011


In our previous installment, we had left off with taping your shit to your f-tite to your screen in a sexpartite fashion. Now we continue on to the most difficult part of ol' scumbag screenprinting, entitled: THE HARDEST PART: PAINTING YOUR SCREEN.

How is it done? Easy. Free hand paint your image onto the screen (if you're your a real artist) or alternately trace that bitch. Except instead of using a pencil (or perhaps burnt sienna conté crayon?), use a brush and paint with Speedbawlz screen drawing fluid. Yeah, drawing fluid. Even Spizeedbizawlz gets confused by this whole tracing with a brush thing. 

PS- looks liek a 3-D. COOL OMG TRIPPIN

fig. A- Silkscreen stencil resist, created via freehand drawing

So, after you put in the four and a half hours twenty minutes it takes to painstakingly effortlessly trace  your image, with all the lines and shapes and funny bits (see fig. A), you're your all ready to coat your screen, right? RRRRIIIIIGHT????!? 

PUH-PSYCH!1!!l!1! PUH-PSYCH-YO-MIND!!1!!!7!!!  See all those little tiny holes that you see when you hold the screen up to the light? See how all that fine detail work that you spent soooo much time getting just perfect psh idunno a couple of seconds on? Yeah. That's not gonna hold up when you coat your screen. So my advice is to repaint the entire image on the backside of the screen. 

PS- remove your image and freeze-tite or f-toight substitute before you paint the backside of the screen.

but i didn't need to tell you that. did I.... or did I?!?!?

Yeah, so see how this looks right now? All not filled in and even on the back. yeah you gotta fix that. I'll go have a smoke and come back when you're your done.

Alright... Once you're screen is all purty, wedge something between the base of the screen (for instance, a Spuhyeedabaowl brand squeegee) and a vertical surface (for instance a wall) so that it creates an isosceles triangle as illustrated. 


Now it's time for the magic. Grab your SpdBl brand screen filler,
(for your info, they don't pay me for these product placements; but if anyone from SB out there is reading, and want to pay me, I will take your money. Call me on my flip fone. We'll tele-chat.) 
and put that shit blood suspended particle solution into your handy dandy scoopcoater. Alternatively, if you don't have a scoop coater, you could hand paint filler onto your screen and risk destroying the resist that you just spent the better part of a week i dunno, however long it takes to make a hot pocket, on. Trust me on this one. Get a scoop coater.

PS- Shake that Screen Filler like a mofo before you use it.

PPS- Are you ready for the magic?

Been had stencils.


But wait.....
Did I hear that you were using a SPODBOL brand silkscreen? With a 110 mesh count? If you're your gonna apply a baller ass thin stencil on that mesh count using a handy dandy scoop coater, you most definitely gonna end up with PUH-PUH-PUH-PUH-PINHOLEZpinholez (AIIRRRHORN) (see fig. B)

So make sure you double coat that shit. From the back. yo dawg you know i ALWAYS hit it from the back

Finally, when your red stuff is dry, take that shit to the tub and rinse all the blue stuff out. Both sides of the screen. use your fingernail if you have to clear some of those finer lines of that stubborn red stuff. You know how stubborn red stuff can be. Gotta make sure you maintain all that baller ass fine line work. Oh yeah. Look at that...

Next time. Printing.


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